Practical tips for a complete n00b


This article describes resources I found helpful in my first 15 days learning MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. I have provided 5 tips that assume no prior experience and any linked resources are free.

If you’re a Salesforce professional interested in learning more about MuleSoft but not sure where to start — so was I. The first thing I did was to navigate the best resources for absorbing as much information as possible. Here’s what I learned.

Tip 1: Start with the A-P-Why behind the API

Before you get stuck into the capabilities and features of the Anypoint Platform I suggest asking yourself some fundamental questions. …

It helps if you like cake. Rainbow cake.


This article describes the APIs available across Salesforce Clouds. It links to a framework to help select the best API for your use case and talks about rainbow cakes. What more do you need?

To begin this article I first need to answer the following question.

What is the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform?

The platform has become a connected ecosystem of services. It provides market leading solutions to acquire, build loyalty and reduce friction in your interactions with customers, employees and partners.

The platform is like a cake. Each layer represents a Salesforce Cloud, or group of services, that provides…

How to move from detection to prevention — de-identifying sensitive data at scale


This article explores moving from detection and classification of sensitive data to prevention using Google Cloud Data Loss Prevention. I’ll use Salesforce as a data source to prove how we can de-identify personal, health, credential and financial information in unstructured data in near real-time.

Google Cloud DLP is a fully managed service designed to help you discover, classify, and protect your most sensitive data. …

Getting to know what’s in your unstructured data, at scale


This article explores an architecture to classify sensitive data in a large enterprise. We explore Amazon Macie and use Salesforce as a data source to prove out how we could detect personal, health, credential and financial information in unstructured data and for it to scale to any data source and volume.

Data governance starts with knowing your data.

When you have a relational database with columns — and those columns have specific functions — you can classify the data within them and put in security controls to protect it. There’s generally one large gap.

Unstructured data.

Unstructured data is information…

6 steps to maximising Lightning Web Component usability with dynamic properties

Making your Lightning Web Components into reusable assets that can be used across different Lightning Pages and objects requires some thought.

I have been working towards a timeline component that is reusable and one of the issues whilst testing this was the ability to select a different record to use as the basis for the timeline. See this issue for details.

The best example of why this is important started with Cases. Plotting the related records to Cases was important but what Administrators wanted to do was add the timeline of the related Contact to the page. …

The build tools I use to make my code less ugly and error prone

Salesforce is aligning with industry standards and tools for development. Here are some things that Salesforce developers have now to help improve their productivity.

  • Developer focused environments to push and modify code
  • A command line interface to run common tasks
  • Extending the command line interface with custom plugins
  • Writing standard JavaScript code for component development
  • Improvements for packaging code with semantic versioning
  • Access to community and industry plugins

These new features make it easy to standardise on a setup that can help you drive quality improvements in your Salesforce projects.

Whilst your individual setup may differ, and indeed should be…

Why it exists, what it does and how it works.

Single view of the customer, customer 360, single pane of glass, single customer view. However you spin it the goal has been an aspirational one for a large number of companies — allow me to view all customer interactions regardless of which database in my enterprise they reside in. For companies with a large number of disparate brands or those with a large number of systems that hold customer data it can often seem an impossible dream.

Salesforce talks about its ‘Customer 360 Platform’ and has rolled out ‘Customer 360 — Data Manager’, but what is sometimes missing is… why…

A story in overcoming challenges working with Person Accounts and dynamic SOQL

Update: A tweet from Charles T led me to update this article. See the end of this story for an explanation on how I now overcome the challenge of tackling Person Accounts for the timeline Lightning Web Component. Thanks Charles!

I‘ve been developing an open source lightning web component. If you’ve been on the journey with me you’ll know that performance and scale were key considerations. If you haven’t been following you can catch up here.

This blog tells the story of how Person Accounts forced a change in the design in how many database operations I had to do.

The Requirement and Original Solution

The underlying architecture for detecting threats, taking action and monitoring your Salesforce implementation

Monitoring can be defined as the ability to keep activity within your Salesforce implementations under systematic review over a period of time.

Salesforce provides a number of services to provide this systematic review as part of their base licence, including, but not limited to

There are capability gaps with the above however that may be important to your security posture and BAU operations. Some of these can be highlighted as:

  • How do I…

A practical guide to creating an eye-catching, concise document to help you land your next Salesforce role

Résumés seem to be trapped in a status quo. There seems to be a recurring format handed down from generation to generation that focuses, quite madly, on repetitive career summaries over 10+ pages of tiny, uninspiring, font.

Well at least that’s my experience after using a résumé template my dad gave me 20 years ago.

I believed at the time that my résumé should not be rocking any boats — be predictable — be all business and definitely not fun.

Looking back it’s amazing that I was ever offered a job.

When my career progressed to conducting interviews myself I…

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