A jigsaw analogy

The Salesforce platform. A connected ecosystem.

Practical tips for a complete n00b

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It helps if you like cake. Rainbow cake.

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How to move from detection to prevention — de-identifying sensitive data at scale


Getting to know what’s in your unstructured data, at scale


6 steps to maximising Lightning Web Component usability with dynamic properties

Moving from static to dynamic dropdown values in your component properties

The build tools I use to make my code less ugly and error prone

  • Developer focused environments to push and modify code
  • A command line interface to run common tasks
  • Extending the command line interface with custom plugins
  • Writing standard…

Why it exists, what it does and how it works.

A story in overcoming challenges working with Person Accounts and dynamic SOQL

The underlying architecture for detecting threats, taking action and monitoring your Salesforce implementation

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Dave Norris

Developer Advocate @ MuleSoft || Interested in solving unique challenges using different cloud service providers || All opinions are mine.

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